Recover/Reset Router Username and Password

By | September 29, 2017

Recover/Reset Router Username and Password

If you have forgotten your Router password or don’t even know username and password of your router, this page will help you in recover or reset Router Username and Password.

What is Router Username and Password

Router Username and Password is required to login to Router Admin Panel Interface to manage settings of your router. Without username and password, you will not be able to login to Router Admin Panel Interface.

What is Router Admin Panel Interface

Through Router Admin Panel Interface you can change like Router Security settings, Network settings of Router, Proxy settings to connect, LAN and WLAN settings, IP Qos, DNS settings, PPPOE, MAC, WPS, DSL ,DHCP client, ASDL etc. To access Router Admin Panel Interface, you need to know IP Address of your router Admin Panel Interface.

If is your router Default IP address for Admin Panel, you can visit below page. Admin Router Login

If is your router Default IP address for Admin panel interface , please visit below interface on how to login. 192.168.O.1 DLINK IP Admin Router Login

If you don’t know default IP Address of your router, you can refer below article.

How to Find Router IP Address

Once you reach login page of your Admin it will prompt you to ask enter Username and Password. There can be below 3 possible scenario in this case.

You remember username and password.

This is straight forward and you can enter the credentials and login.

Default Username and Password

If you have never changed username and password of router admin panel interface then you can look for default username and password. Every router will have default username and password. You can find the same on label of your router. If label of your router is not in place then you can below page for Default Username and password of routers. We have shared default username and password for most of the routers, in case your router is not in list please mention your router name and we will include the same in our list.

Router Default Username and Password

Factory Reset to recover Password

This is third scenario where you have changed the password and now forgot the same. Don’t worry, you can reset your router password to default password with below steps.

  • Find reset button on your router
  • Press the reset button for around 15 seconds. You need to use very thin needle type thing to reset router password. Most of the routers will mention reset on reset button.
  • Once it is done, follow steps mentioned in Default username and password.

Another way to allow access to routers is through Forward Ports without using router password. We will shortly share article on same based on user requests.

If you need any other information please write to us through comments section.

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