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The term PPPoE can be defined as the Point to Point Protocol Over Ethernet. This protocol is used by some Internet Services Providers to manage the internet connections of individual subscribers.

As of now, most routers support the PPPoE internet connection mode. Here we will discuss PPPoE in depth. Thus the users must follow this article to get these details.

How does PPPoE Work?

The internet services providers provide the user with the unique PPPoE Username & Password to set up the PPPoE connection. This type of connection will be used by the services provider to manage the internet connection of the user & allocate them with a fully functional IP Address (say The service provider can also track the data usage of the customer.

The PPPoE network user will initiate a request through the router to the ISP to provide the IP Address. This request will be initiated by providing the PPPoE Username & Password. Now the ISP will provide the user with the IP Address after verification of the username & Password.

How to Configure Router With PPPoE Settings?

The user can easily configure the router in a home network with the PPPoE settings. They can do this by accessing the admin panel of the router. The user must follow the procedure as given below to configure the router.

  • Connect the device with the router connection using ethernet cable.
  • Now open browser in the device.
  • Search for the Default Router IP address of the router.

How to Find Router IP Address

  • Login with the admin details.
  • Open the internet connection settings.
  • Select PPPoE.
  • Enter PPPoE username & Password as provided by ISp.
  • Submit these details.

if the user has any doubts in these details then they can leave a comment below to know more about the PPPoE connection.

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