How to Find Router IP Address

By | February 15, 2019

How to Find Router IP Address

To configure the router or ASDL modem, you need to login into Admin panel of the router. For login into Admin panel, 2 things are required i.e Router IP Address and credentials i.e Username/Password. This article will help you in finding Router IP address from device connected to router. Before that you can try finding your Router IP address and login with Default IP address of your router. Most common default IP address are and You can find complete list of default IP address used across world in next link so that you can directly find IP Address. Please click here to find Default IP Address of your router.

You can connect to your router from Laptop, Mac-book, Smart Phone or Tablet. There will be separate steps to be followed to find Router IP address depending on the Operating system of your devices. We will be sharing steps for Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, Linux and Chrome OS. You can find your IP Addresses through these steps. As all the users who have routers always looking for the process like how to find a router IP Address as this one is the most common question asked by the users.

Find Router IP Address from Windows OS

  1. Go to the Run program and type “Cmd”. You can open run directly by pressing “Windows+R”.
  2. Press enter and command prompt will be opened
  3. Type “ipconfig” and press enter
  4. There will be a section called “Wireless LAN adapter WiFi”. Router IP address will be present will label “Default Gateway”
  5. IPv4 label will be having device IP Address

Find Router IP Address from Apple MAC

  1. Click on the Apple menu which is present on top of the screen
  2. Choose the System preference and Click on Network icon present on the screen
  3. Select the connection
  4. You can see the advanced button on the screen. Click on same
  5. TCP/IP tab will be having the IP address of the router

Default IP Address Mac

Find Router IP Address from Linux OS

  1. Open Terminal in your system
  2. Navigation for reaching Terminal is “Applications > System Tools > Terminal”
  3. Same as Windows, type “ipconfig” on the terminal
  4. Router IP Address will be present with the label “inet addr”

Find Router IP Address from Apple iOS

The iOS operating system is present in iPhone and iPad offered by Apple. Please follow the below steps to find Router IP Address from iPhone or iPad

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on WiFi
  3. Click on WiFi for which you need Router IP address
  4. There will be three tabs DHCP, BootP and Static
  5. Click on DHCP tab and router IP address will be mentioned with Label as “Router”
  6. The device IP address will be labelled as “IP Address”

Find Router IP Address from Android OS

Except for apple phones, 90% of other smart phones/tablets use the Android operating system. This is the most used operating system used across the world.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on WiFi
  3. Select the WiFI for which Router IP address is required
  4. Router IP address can be found with the label as “Gateway”
  5. Your device IP address can be found with the label as “IP address”

Find Router IP Address from Chrome OS

Crome OS is used by very less devices but still, if you are of them we are sharing details here.

  • Go to Notification area present on the task bar
  • Click on Network name for which Router IP address is required
  • Router IP Address can be found with the label as “Router’s IP”

We hope now have got the IP address of your router. For login, you need to know username and password. Click here to find username and password for your router so that authentication can be successful to reach home page of Admin panel of your router.

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