Difference Between WiFi Admin(Default Gateway) and WiFi Password

By | October 9, 2017

Difference Between WiFi Admin(Default Gateway) and WiFi Password

Normally people are confused between WiFi Admin Password and WiFi password. Some people think both are same but both these terms are totally different and hence WiFi Admin(Default Gateway) Password and WiFi password is not same.

What is WiFi Admin (Default Gateway) Password

WiFi Admin password is used to login to Admin Panel interface of your router. With WiFi Admin, you can manage complete settings of your router like Wireless, WLAN, LAN, TCP/IP, IPv6, Firewall, QoS, Route Setup, USB setup, Management , Reboot etc. In short you have complete access to your router if you know WiFi Admin Password. If you don’t know your WiFi Admin Default Gateway Password, you can go through below article.

How to Find Router IP Address

What is WiFi Password

WiFi Password is nothing but password required to connect to WiFi to access internet. If you have a secured WiFi, then password will be required for any device to connect with same. If someone knows your WiFi Password then they can only access internet and nothing else but if your WiFi Admin password is hacked then your complete setup may go for toss. We will be sharing in next article on How to Retrieve Saved WiFi Password.

If you login to or or any default gateway, there you will enter WiFi Admin password. If you go to WiFi on any device like Laptop, Smart Phone or Tablet and connecting to any WiFi there you will enter WiFi Password. We hope now difference is clear between WiFi Admin and WiFi Password.

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