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The term DHCP Stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. This is known as a protocol which provides the automatic IP Address assigning properties to the router in a local network. This will provide an IP Address automatically to the device which will connect to the network of the router.

Here we will discuss various aspects of the DHCP in detail. Thus the user must check the article to get these details.

Working of DHCP

The DHCP Server will provide the unique IP Address to the various devices in a local network. This will configure the IP Addresses automatically in a local network. This will take place amongst the DHCP Server & DHCP Client.

The router in the local network will act as the DHCP Server which will assign the IP Addresses (Dynamic IP Address) to the devices on lease (For a specific period of time) after getting a request from the device. It will keep a specific IP address ie Default Router IP Address for itself. This IP can be used for admin login ( Admin Login). The remaining IP Addresses will be kept by the router in the IP Address pool. These IP Addresses will be assigned by the DHCP Server from the IP Address pool. When the device will disconnect from the network then the IP Address will again be stored in the IP Address pool of the server.

The process can be understood adequately from the flow chart as given below.

DHCP Advantage

There are various advantages of using DHCP in the local network. Some of the advantages are given below.

  • The IP Address assignment will take place automatically.
  • network management will be easy for the network administrator.
  • There will be lesser chance for IP Address conflict.
  • It also protects the user device from cyber attack.
  • The IP Addresses in the pool will be available anytime for new users.

Disadvantages of DHCP

Although, the DHCP is very useful it also has some disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of using DHCP in the local network are as follows.

  • Using DHCP will not work if the user have to access device in a local network remotely.
  • Devices like printer or file servers can’t run if the IP Address assignment is done using DHCP.

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