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What is QoS?

What is QoS? Basically, the QoS is an advanced term in the routers. This can be defined as the Quality of Service. It can be seen as the measurement for the performance of the internet service through the router. It can also be seen as the quantitative measure of the Data Packet Loss, Bit Rate, Delay in Transmission,… Read More »

192.168.l.1 Admin Login

192.168.l.1 The term 192.168.l.1 denotes an IP Address by the look. But by rules, this can’t be an IP Address. This is because an IP Address of this type can not have alphabets in it. The 192.168.l.1 IP Address consists of an alphabetical letter in it so this IP Address is incorrect. The correct form for this IP Address will… Read More »

192.168.11 Admin Router Login

192.168.11 Admin Router Login 192.168.11 is the wrong IP address of, is the correct default IP Address of control panel for most of the routers available in the market. If you are searching for 192.168.11, that means your knowledge is very basic related to routers. We would recommend you to go through all of our articles for… Read More »


DHCP The term DHCP Stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. This is known as a protocol which provides the automatic IP Address assigning properties to the router in a local network. This will provide an IP Address automatically to the device which will connect to the network of the router. Here we will discuss various aspects of the DHCP… Read More »