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Recover/Reset Router Username and Password

Recover/Reset Router Username and Password If you have forgotten your Router password or don’t even know username and password of your router, this page will help you in recovery or reset Router Username and Password. So the users must check the article to get details of “Recover/Reset Router Username and Password”. What is Router Username and Password Router… Read More »

Router Default Username and Password

Search Router Default Username and Password From here the user can get the details of the Router Default Username and Password for the various brands. Many of the router brands will have the default IP as IP Address. With these details, they can also go for Admin Router Login Brand Model Protocol Default Username Default Password 2WIRE… Read More » Admin Router Login in Dutch Admin Router Login in Dutch is standaard IP-adres van de draadloze router die kan worden gebruikt als controlepaneel voor het beheren van de routerinstellingen. Als u een nieuwe internetverbinding hebt of de routerinstellingen opnieuw instelt, dan is dit artikel meer dan nuttig voor u. Admin Router Login in Dutch Waarom Het is niet moeilijk… Read More »


L2TP The term L2TP stands for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. This is a protocol which is used by the internet services provider to support the Virtual Private Network (VPN). It is further advancement over the Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). The user can establish this type of connection through Admin Login. Here we will discuss the term… Read More »


PPPoE The term PPPoE can be defined as the Point to Point Protocol Over Ethernet. This protocol is used by some Internet Services Providers to manage the internet connections of individual subscribers. As of now, most routers support the PPPoE internet connection mode. Here we will discuss PPPoE in depth. Thus the users must follow this article to… Read More »

192.168.11 Admin Router Login

192.168.11 Admin Router Login 192.168.11 is the wrong IP address of, is the correct default IP Address of control panel for most of the routers available in the market. If you are searching for 192.168.11, that means your knowledge is very basic related to routers. We would recommend you to go through all of our articles for… Read More »

Default Router IP Address

Default Router IP Address If you want to configure your router or ADSL modem, then you need to know the IP address of your router. Normally it is written on router manual or label printed on the router. In case you have changed the same and not able to find out, here are ways to find out. There… Read More »

How to Find Router IP Address

How to Find Router IP Address To configure the router or ASDL modem, you need to login into Admin panel of the router. For login into Admin panel, 2 things are required i.e Router IP Address and credentials i.e Username/Password. This article will help you in finding Router IP address from device connected to router. Before that you… Read More »