192.168.l78.1 Admin Login

By | February 4, 2018

192.168.l78.1 Admin Login

192.168.l78.1 is Default IP Address of Router Admin login. This IP address is mainly used in countries like Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. Reason being is 192.168.l78.1 is used as default gateway for Routers brand FRITZ!Box. If you have FRITX!Box router and want to change settings you will be able to do same with 192.168.l78.1 Access.

http //192.168.l78.1

If you need to access 192.168.l78.1 for admin login, it should be appended with http://. You can find complete steps to login to 192.168.l78.1.

192.168.l78.1 Admin Login in 5 easy steps

  1. Connect your device to FRITX!Box router via WiFi or Ethernet cable. You can proceed to next step for accessing 192.168.l78.1 only when connection is proper.
  2. To access 192.168.l78.1 Admin Login you need to open it in browser like IE,Chrome,Mozilla,Safari,Opera etc.
  3. Type http://192.168.l78.1 in browser and press enter.
  4. You will be taken to username and password screen.
  5. Enter FRITX!Box router username and password to access 192.168.l78.1 Admin Login Interface. Once you are authenticated, you will be taken to home page of Router/ASDL admin panel.

192.168.l78.1 Admin Login192.168.l78.1 Admin Login

List of FRITZ!Box Model uses 192.168.l78.1 as Default gateway

  • FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390
  • FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7570
  • FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7170

Settings which can be accessed from 192.168.l78.1 FRITZ!Box

  • Security
  • Network
  • DHCP
  • PPPoE
  • MAC
  • WPS
  • DSL
  • DHCP
  • LAN
  • WAN
  • ASDL
  • IP Qos
  • Reboot
  • USB Setup
  • Route Setup
  • TCP/IP
  • IPv6
  • Firewall

To Find default password list of your router we will recommend you to read below article.

Router Default Username and Password

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