IP Admin Login

By | October 6, 2017 IP Admin Login is default gateway of some routers available in the market just like,, .Users will have access to complete setup of router through Admin Interface in case is default IP Address of your router.

If you are not sure about default gateway of your router we will recommend you to go through below article before proceeding.

Default Router IP Address

How to Login to Admin Console.

Login process is same for any Admin Console be it or or or To avoid duplicate content on our website, we would like you to visit below page. You need to just replace with your default gateway IP address i.e Admin Router Login

Routers having as their default IP address

  • Westell DSL Router
  • Linksys Routers
  • 3Com Routers
  • Billion Routers
  • Netopia Routers
  • Cayman Routers

If you want to know default username and password your router, you can visit below page.

Router Default Username and Password

You need to type your router name and default username and password will be displayed for all the models.

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