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By | September 9, 2018 Admin Router Login is default IP Address of wireless router which can be used as control panel for managing the router settings. If you got a new internet connection or want to reset the router settings ,then this article will be more than helpful for you. Each Router have it’s own IP like : or 192.168.11 or 192.168.01 or 192.168.ll .IP’s mentioned here some of them and exhaustive list is available at Default IP Address. Users having access to Admin Login IP’s can check your how to login and how to recover password and how to reset password on this page.


You might not aware of default IP address of your router but still you might have searched for This is because it is most common default gateway used across world. It is not hard and fast rule that will be the default IP address of your router but this is the most common IP address. This is just a standard convention which is being followed by router brands as their default address. This is for ease and convenience of users so that they need not go through the lengthy manual of routers.  and are other two most common IP address after 192.168.11 Login IP Address. You will find complete details of all default IP addresses here

Usage of

You will have complete administrative access of your router with if this is default IP address of your router. With you can manage Security settings, Network settings, Proxy settings, LAN settings, WLAN settings, IP Qos, DNS settings, PPPOE, MAC, WPS, DSL ,DHCP client, ASDL etc. Configuration of router or your modem is mandatory for internet to work on connected devices.

For better understanding of Default IP address or Default gateway you can refer below article.


How to login to Router Admin Panel

  • Connect your device (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Mac book) with router through WiFi or Ethernet Cable. Make sure router is switched on
  • Open any browser like IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari on the device
  • Copy or type in browser and press enter
  • If you are getting error like “Page cannot be displayed”, then it means either you are not connected with router WiFi or is not default IP address of your router. Please re-check if WiFi connection is proper and if still issue persists then follow these steps to Find default IP address of your router/modem.
  • Home page of admin panel will be displayed and it will ask for username and password. You can enter default username and password of your router. Please click here to know default username and password of your router. Also you can find username and password on label of your router/modem. If you want to change the password, same can be done through home page. Please click here if you had changed the password and forgot it.
  • Once username and password is entered, you are logged into Panel of router and configurations can be done as per your need.

We have created a short video also for better understanding on how to Login to Login.

You can watch video directly on Youtube also. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_SFncyFS54&t=16s

If you don’t know password of your router, you can recover the same reading below article.

Recover/Reset Router Username and Password Admin Router Login

Routers for which is default IP address

Following routers will have as their default IP address for control panel but it is not mandatory that all routers of this company will have as their default address. For example:

  • 2Wire
  • 3Com
  • Actiontec
  • Airlink
  • Asus
  • Aztech
  • Belkin
  • Buffalo
  • Dell
  • Cisco
  • D-Link
  • Eminent
  • Huawei
  • Linksys
  • NetComm
  • Planet
  • Repotec
  • Siemens
  • SMC Networks
  • Tenda
  • TP-Link
  • Trendnet
  • U.S. Robotics
  • Zoom
  • ZTE
  • Zyxel
  • FritxBox
  • Buffalo

Click here to check complete list of Routers.

Router Default Username and Password

Why there are different default IP Address for router/Model Control Panel

This can be explained with a very simple example from day to day life. Reverse gear is mandatory in cars, company like Maruti provides reverse gear opposite to 5th gear whereas for Hyundai cars you need to lift the gear for applying reverse gear. In same manner, providing control panel is mandatory for change settings but default address is provided by router manufacturer company.

How to know WiFi Password from

If you are connected to some WiFi and want to know WiFi password, it can be retrieved from

For example, you went to some cafe/restaurant and WiFi password is saved on your phone. To retrieve password, you can login to and try with default admin username and password. You can refer links mentioned above for how to get default username and password for

Once you login to WiFi password can be seen in plain text there.


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    1. 192 team Post author

      Hi Danger,

      This is not a hacking portal. We provide details for our users in settings related to All types of router. Please let us know if you need any help in router’s.

    1. 192 team Post author

      This is not a hacking portal. We provide details for our users in settings related to All types of router. Please let us know if you need any help in router’s.

    1. 192 team Post author

      In order to change your password for PLDT, log in to the router control panel by typing in router default IP address.
      You can refer our article on same. After entering username and password in control panel,navigate to administrative tab. Click on Change password. Type the new password.

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