By | February 15, 2019 is the IP address of Default Gateway of internet modem or Default Router IP Address. You will require a username and password to access the Admin Interface. You need to very careful while accessing admin panel interface as one wrong step may result on the internet not working.

What can be done with

You can view/Change Wireless configurations, TCP/IP Settings, IPv6, Firewall settings, QoS, Router Setup, DHCP settings, USB setup, Reboot your router, Operation Mode, Band Mode etc. If you do not have an idea on any of the settings, kindly do not do hit and trial as it will be difficult to troubleshoot the problem. Until and unless you have an idea on Router settings, please check with your ISP or comment below your queries.

How to Access

The user can use the procedure as given below to access the admin panel of the router. They can follow the procedure listed below.

  • Connect Device to Router for which access is required
  • Open browser on Device
  • Click
  • Enter the Username and password. If you do not know username and password, refer below article http://www.19216811-ip.mobi/recover-reset-router-username-password/
  • You will be redirected to the Home page of Admin Interface. Users will be able to change the settings mentioned above. We are again reiterating to be very careful while changing the settings.

How to Find Router IP Address

If the users have any doubt in the details which are available in the article then they can contact us to get various details. Please connect to us through the comments section for any queries and will revert ASAP.

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